The Elli Falsoni law firm

The Elli Falsoni law firm is a boutique specialized in legal consultancy and representation in commercial, corporate and financial law, both extra-judicially and in matters involving litigation. The firm is the outcome of a professional maturation of more than ten years achieved by its founding partners at some of the top tier and most prestigious Italian and international law firms, completed during the years by outstanding academic experiences in Italy and abroad.


By operating as strategic partners, we provide integrated, qualified, excellent and innovative legal assistance both at a national and international level.

The choice of operating through a streamlined and dynamic structure allows us to provide a highly personalized and flexible assistance to our clients, ensuring at the same time a high quality and professional standard.

We are also specialized in providing assistance to middle-big Italian corporations in their internationalization processes and foreign markets penetration, through an integrated strategic assistance which includes legal consultancy, partners search and fund raising activities, availing ourselves of our international network.